We have acquired recognised know-how in the metallic construction field since we began operations in 1959. Our qualified staff and our workshops are guarantors of high-quality work. Our priority is to make this experience available to our customers. 

Each project is analysed by our research department technicians. We use a number of different advanced software packages for 3D design, to simulate movement and to do resistance, bending, torsion and other calculations. 

The Heimeco research department also programmes numerical control production machines.

When assembling on site, we adjust to the specific conditions of each environment whether in industry, government, at major retailers or in the food industry. We always comply with the most stringent safety standards.

We are able to handle your orders very quickly thanks to our research department and a permanent inventory of raw materials at our production site. 

This ensures that we can meet your requirements and agreed-to delivery deadlines.

Our metal assembly work is often generated by an electrotechnical project we’re already working on. We’re always able to provide our clients with a solution when they need metal construction work for a project. This means that they work with a single contact specialised in two different fields.