Security products

Custom armoured doors

Our armoured doors are designed to dissuade intrusion. The tests done in our workshops by our customers provide the best guarantee! 

The doors are particularly effective against break-ins. They are made with a combination of insulating materials between two steel plates to prevent drilling and cutting.

The design ensures that there can be no external attack on vital elements such as locks and hinges.  

Many of the doors built by Heimeco are equipped with anti-panic locks for use as emergency exits.

When existing doors are replaced, the armoured doors are built to measure to fit perfectly with the existing panels and walls and to prevent any damage. This technique means that installation requires no major works, stone work or painting. Customers can turn to a single company for the installation of their armoured doors and save time and money.

Armoured rooms

Over the past years, Heimeco has manufactured and installed several armoured rooms in large retail stores where they are used to protect the cash safe.

The armoured rooms are designed using a modular space within space system so that they can be integrated in existing rooms. They consist of steel panels filled with special insulating foam and a secure door. The armoured rooms are always built to measure. 


A simple wire mesh fence won’t effectively protect your precious belongings. That’s why Heimeco designed a massive steel fence system to prevent break-ins and vandalism. The modular metal fences are made with solid steel cassettes or expanded metal. 

The cassette and H-beam fence design provides great layout flexibility. The cassettes are made to measure to the height required. The fences are available in different finishes and colours and can be equipped with gates.

This innovative, attractive and modular solution can be used for multiple applications, for example, to close off an outdoor sales area, to secure an indoor storage area, to conceal ventilation equipment on a roof, etc.


The metal posts made by Heimeco combine safety and aesthetics. They can be ordered in all sizes, shapes and colours.

Our posts are very strong and designed for shock resistance regardless if they are installed near shops to impede vehicle parking or in entry areas to stop ram-raids. 

We also make stainless tube steel corner protectors to protect shelving and refrigerators from damage by shopping carts.